The Founders of NKHK

FOUNDER of NKHK is Tammy Nolan, who happened to be sitting at her home rink (NKIC) watching her son practice, when she heard another mother say she would not be able to afford for her child to return to hockey next session due to financial reasons. Tammy, being a single mother of a 5 year old son who loves and breathes hockey, understood the importance of keeping children in sports and asked the mother what she could do to help keep her child involved in hockey. Funding was the answer. Tammy Nolan, who has an associates degree in paralegal and criminal justice, began discussing the importance of raising funds for the hockey community with her friends. In 2002-2003, Tammy also raised $13,000.00 by fundraising to build the Fort Thomas Dog Park with a group of individuals, so she knew it was possible to raise funds for children to play hockey. NKHK was formed and is helping hockey players and their families to have the funding they need to stay in hockey. Tammy says, "I never want to see a child give up on their dream because of a financial burden." They are our future! They are our everything!

CO-FOUNDER- Christa Knox is the co-founder of NKHK.  Christa is also a single mother of a 9 year old daughter who loves playing hockey as well! Christa has a double emphasis BFA in painting and art history and a MA in Japanese and Mayan art history and is currently working on her masters of art in teaching. Christa became involved in NKHK after discussing with Tammy raising money to support struggling parents and their children in the hockey community. Christa has seen the difference hockey has made with her daughter, not only in team building but also improvement in self esteem and in grades.