Northern Kentucky Hockey Kids

We are proud parents of kids who love playing hockey!  

We started this fund to assist single mothers and fathers in keeping their children playing hockey when they could not otherwise afford it. Then we realized it's not only single parents that need help. In these tough economical times, everyone needs a little hand. We want to keep every child playing hockey who wants to play. We never want to see a child leave any league due to a financial burden. We want to keep children's dreams ALIVE!!!

We at Northern Kentucky Hockey Kids will help parents with funding of league fees, hockey camps and equipment. 

We at Northern Kentucky Hockey Kids are mentors, parents, coaches and care about every player we come in contact with. As mentors, we want to see every child and hockey player gain confidence, leadership skills,  hockey skills and the importance of being a team player!

 Behind the perfect rink...Behind those early morning practices... Behind those long drives to the arena... Behind all those words of wisdom and encouragment...Are the people who do it for the simple love of hockey. The hockey moms and dads, the coaches, the supports, the professional players and most of all, the kids! (RBC Hockey)